Top 4 Best Single Phase Welder Reviews In 2023 (Complete Guide)

When you take preparation for something like small businesses or machinery in homes, getting extremely powerful welders won’t be a must. In fact, they may cost you an arm and a leg also.

Considering this fact, I took help from my expert team in order to compile the best single phase welding reviews. And then I’ve ended up with nothing but some industry expert top-notch models, which have everything you want to take the height of your welding experience to its peak.

So let’s dive in

Top 4 Single Phase Welder

Best Single Phase Welder
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The models I’ve added here will ensure the maximum durability, functionality, and performance that you’re looking for.

And guess what?

You can find a couple of models here that won’t cost you the earth

jegs welding machine
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JEGS TIG 200 Welder Duty Cycle: 45% @ 180A
Power Input: 120V or 220V
Welding Type: Tig
Good For: Welding stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, and other color metals
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Stark Professional Portable Spot Welder
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Stark Professional Portable Spot WelderVoltage: 120
Amp: 13.5
Throat Depth: 6″
Welding Type: Spot Weld
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MIG Welder Machine Flux Core
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MIG Welder Machine Flux Core Duty Cycle: 40% at 180A, 100% @ 116A
Amp: 140
Circuit breaker: 30A
Welding Type: Flux Core
Good For: DIY Users, Maintenance and Repair and Metal Fabrication
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Hobart Handler 125
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Hobart Handler 125Input Power: 120V
Amp: 25 – 130 
Welding Type: MiG
Good For: Farming, maintenance, auto repair
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On the best single phase welder reviews, JEGS 81542K TIG 200 Welder Starter Kit Single Phase stands out from the crowd due to its versatility, portable design, and excellent steel construction. 

How Can I Tell If a Welder is Single Phase

single phase or multiphase
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These days, many people get easily confused while identifying the exact type of welder between the single phase and three phase. But believe it or not, it isn’t a big deal.

Be sure to look at the electricity supply (aka electrical fuse/cut out/service head). If you notice nothing but a single fuse, then it’s just a single-phase welder. Similarly, if you notice 3 amp fuses, then it’s clearly a three-phase welding machine. This is by far the easiest way you can apply.

There’s another technique you can apply to know about the right type; carefully look at the normal supply primary switch that can be found on the switchboard. In case you notice thee combined-switches are available with a width of about 3m, then this is a 3-phase machine.

On the flip side, if the switchboard shows off a single slim switch, this is the single-phase welder you may look for.

Best Single Phase Welding Machines Complete Reviews

Without more delays, let me show you some of my selected single phase welders designed to meet multiple welding applications. Here, I’ve incorporated the top 6 choices for you.

1. JEGS 81542K TIG 200 Welder Starter Kit Single Phase (Single Phase Tig Welder)

Let me show you the very first single phase welder from JEGS designed to fill your multiple needs, including Mig welding, Tig welding, steel construction, and so on.


  • Durable with an impressive design
  • Works well with both 220V and 120V
  • Adjustable welding helmet
  • Features lots of accessories
  • Lightweight tool


  • A bit pricey

Features and Benefits of this Welder

Guess what? It’s not just a typical welder you need to fill your cup. You’re going to get plenty of things packed with the tool, including a welding cart. Besides, the welding helmet is adjustable and designed to keep you safe while you’re dealing with any intricate materials.

And needless to say, the auto-darkening lens will provide excellent visibility while welding. Speaking of the welder’s weight, it’s not more than 5 pounds to ensure hassle-free transportation.

Construction and Design

Single Phase Tig Welder
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The color combination of yellow and black makes it stand out when it comes to the design. Along with that, I’ve found it pretty much durable since it gets both metal and plastic as primary materials.


The kit offers so many accessories for your working purposes related to welding, and luckily, most of them can be replaced while needed, including the power cord, brush, nuts, bolts, etc.

Why Recommended

JEGS 81542K is able to perform any tasks within a snap. So I highly recommend getting this one if your job is related to MMA, welding, manufacturing metallic tools, or stuff like that.

2. Stark Professional Portable Spot Welder (Single Phase Spot Welder)

Trust me, this single phase spot welder from Stark will definitely come in handy to meet your needs by welding numerous types of materials.


  • Portable due to its “easy-to-grab” handle
  • Made of steel material for durability
  • Features replaceable accessories
  • Affordable and suitable for multiple projects


Features and Benefits of this Welder

Its unique welding mechanism lets the users insert small to mid-sized materials way quickly. Twisting off the tip is what you’ll do while the parts are well-prepared to be screwed or replaced.

As for performing any welding applications, ensure to apply less pressure, this will work just fine to get your task done.

Speaking of portability, the tool has got a perfectly-attached handle on the top of the power tool, allowing you to move the stuff with ease from one place to another. Through its 6” tongs lock, you’ll be able to lock the device as firmly as possible onto any material.

Construction and Design

The excellent build quality makes it a perfect single phase spot welder, thanks to the top-notch steel material it comes with. Besides that, the overall design seems pretty good and preferable for almost every type of welder.


This portable single phase welder offers additional pairs of welding tips. Plus, the accessories can be replaced while needed. Even you also purchase any extra accessories that match your single-phase spot welder.

Why I Recommend

Give this Stark Professional Portable Spot Welder a try if you’re going to deal with galvanized, uncoated, or stainless steel materials. Thus, it’s ideal for multiple welding applications.

3. Reboot MIG Welder IGBT Inverter RBM-2100D Flux Core (Best 220v Single Phase Mig Welder for Money)

So, are you involved in repairing, maintaining, metal fabricating, or let’s say it’s DIY?

No matter what, this single phase Mig welder from Reboot is able to do a pretty great job that you’ll love. And guess what? It can be purchased without breaking your bank, yep.


  • Used for several applications
  • Metal construction for longevity
  • Ideal for both solid wires and flux cores
  • You can either perform gasless and gas weld


  • Clamps are kind of flimsy

Features and Benefits of this Welder

The thing you’ll like most about this “welder for money” is its multi-function abilities. It can do stick welding, it can do Mig welding, as well as Tig and relevant tasks. And surprisingly, the welder is able to make a perfect match with both mig solid wires and flux cores.

Thanks to its unique voltage and digital current control; it itself can adjust the whole thing related to voltage pretty smoothly. Thus, it ensures excellent convenience, especially for newbies.

Construction and Design

With an exquisite green color, this effective 220V Mig welder includes high-quality metal as a primary material, ensuring maximum durability. There’s already a built-in handle that can be found on the top to make your transportation a breeze.


A few replacement tools can be found with this budget-friendly welder, and you can replace the included packages while needed.

Why I Recommend

If your task is basically related to any kind of DIY or Mig welding, I highly suggest getting yourself this wonderful, affordable, and effective 220V single phase welding machine.

4. Hobart Handler 125 (300 Amp Mig Welder Single Phase)

Beauty with beast; the Hobart Handler 125 is a great example of it. It gets a classy design with an excellent combination of top-notch build quality.


  • 4 different voltage settings
  • Built-in contractor for better functionality
  • Ensures quick and easy adjustments
  • Durable and ideal for heavy-duty projects


  • Seems a bit weighty

Features and Benefits of this Welder

With a maximum range of up to 130 amps, this powerful welding machine comes in a broader output range to maximize functionality. Thus, it can be useful to weld around 1/8” steel through flux-core wires.

Furthermore, the 300 amp efficient Mig welder offers 4 different voltage settings, ensuring a wider operating window for every single wire. Plus, it assists you in making easier and quicker adjustments for multiple joints and thicknesses.

Additionally, the maker offers a gas solenoid (factory-installed), built-in contractor, and so many essential components.

Construction and Design

The feed head of this power tool seems much durable, more importantly, the overall structure makes it sturdier and capable of dealing with heavy-duty projects. And thankfully, it features a rotatable handle to ease your transportation.


Along with the tool, you’re going to get a number of accessories that can be replaced anytime and can be available near to you, such as contact tips (.030 and .035), the nozzle of flux-core, and an adapter of contract tip.

Why I Recommend

No matter what type of welding task you perform on a frequent basis, Hobart Handler 125 can make a perfect match for you. But if your main job is Mig welding, you’ll get more benefits from it.

Can You Run A 3 Phase Welder on Single Phase

The answer to this question is pretty straightforward, which is “yes.” Running a 3 phase welder on a single-phase will be a snap by just taking assistance from phase converter. In this case, you may have to collect the following things given below:

  • High-voltage gloves made of rubber
  • A single piece of neutral wire
  • Handheld tools
  • A specific bag to store welding tools
  • Some other devices like a transformer, phase converter, and frequency drive (variable)

Also, you shouldn’t forget about considering the following things:

  • Make sure you have plenty of knowledge about the task
  • Give a complete read on the user manual
  • Shut the main breaker down
  • Inform every single person around you so that they don’t turn the circuit on

You may also ask – “Can a 240v 3-phase welder be converted to single phase,” the answer would be the same, which is “yes” you can.

How to Wire 230v & 240v Single Phase Welder

Before you get to know about wiring 230v and 240v welder (single phase), it’s necessary to know what type of breaker do I need for a 230v/240v single phase welder.

Well, it usually requires a specific circuit breaker of 50 amp along with a wiring gauge. An amp breaker of 40 amp along with a wire of 8 gauge may work best for your 230v to 240v single phase welder.

How to Run a 3 Phase Welder at Home – 3 Basis Ideas

Running a 3 phase welder at home requires some specific ideas. If you already have plenty of experience in operating any welders, then it won’t be a tough job at all.

  • Keep in mind, each and every welder of three phase includes 3 specific indicators, which can be found well-attached with the three different supplies. First off, you should identify them properly
  • Check carefully to notice the following things: first coil on “0” phase, second on “90” phase, and the last one is on “180” phase
  • After finding them properly, make a connection between your power tool and the nearest power supply of your house

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Single Phase Welder

Choosing the best single phase welder might be so challenging, especially if you’re new in the market and don’t know what to look for. So let’s start reading this guide to know how to select the best one:

Single Phase Welder Circuit Requirements

It’ll be much better sizing and wiring the circuits of welder based on the requirements of input. Remember, if you’re using a power tool of 40-50 amps, having wiring of 6 gauges and a circuit breaker of 50 amp will be a must. The case might be different if the range of amps changes.

Power & Power Source (AC/DC) & Plug

The welding process usually uses ac (alternating current), dc (direct current), or sometimes pulsed current (pc). And keep in mind, when you’re going to weld steel of .001” thickness, having a power of at least 1 amp will be needed for every count.

Speaking of the power, it depends on which type of project you’re working with. Some welding tasks require extremely powerful devices working with heavy materials. Similarly, other tasks can be performed with just a basic device. After all, it all depends on your type of work.

Another thing to be noted – a regular welding plug has to be around 50 amp 3-prong that can be connected to a specific adapter. Make sure it has got a pretty decent length, for which you can keep on your welding task by maintaining adequate distance from the power supply. That’s just for safety purposes.

Duty Cycle

In the fewest possible words, duty cycle is the approximate count of how long you’ll be able to operate your welder at a go before cooling it down. So I think you can guess the importance of considering the duty cycle, right?

Well, when you need to use your welder for long at a stretch, having something of high duty cycle has no better choice. It can be highlighted as a percentage.

For instance, a welder of 60% duty cycle can be run for up to 6 minutes continuously and may require 4 minutes or so to get it cool. Get it?

Inverter technology or IGBT

A welder of inverter technology plays a vital role in converting ac (alternative current) to the minimal usable voltage. Thus, it can save as much energy as possible and at the same time reduce the overall cost of your electricity bills.

Single Phase Welder Transformer

A specific transformer housed in the device can help you in converting the maximum voltage from any wall plugs, generally ranging from 200 to 600 volts. There are 4 types of welding transformers available out there, including the exterior reactor, high reactance, suturable reactor, and integral reactor.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s)

Can I use the wire feed from a three phase welder on a single phase welder?

Yes, you can. The welder adapter may help you out to convert your device anytime, moreover, it lets you use the wire feed from 3-phase welder on a single-phase.

Can I run a 3 phase welder on a single phase using a vfd?

Once again, you can. VFD rated can always be used for your 3-phase with single-phase input. So where there is only a VFD available, this will be absolutely acceptable to run a three phase welder on where you want to.

What can I weld with 75-amp single phase arc welder?

Thin metal sheets, automotive sheets, wrought iron, and boat trailers; these are some of the things you can weld through a single phase arc welder of 75-amp. Just make sure the metal you want to weld is 18-gauge and about 1/8” thicker.

Will a 4750 generator run a 220 volt single phase welder?

Probably you can, but that won’t be a good idea. Ask me why?
This is because when you wonder about running a single phase welder with the maximum power of 220V, you may require around 8,500 running watts to get the optimal result.

Last Words

Almost every type of welding project can be done through the best single phase welder. But it was a bit challenging to find the right one for you. And that’s why I spent a couple of hours helping you get what you’re looking for.

So hopefully, you’ve earned adequate knowledge from the best single phase welding reviews, and I’m pretty sure now you’re capable of making your ultimate buying decision.

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