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About The Author & Editor

Maidul Islam Shakil

Maidul Islam
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Hi, I’m Shakil, a university graduate from Chittagong, Bangladesh. After finishing my bachelor degree from University of Chittagong, I went to Newyork for pursuing my Master degree. I got admitted to Hofstra University for my Masters degree in LAW.

Despite having a Bachelor of Laws Degree , my passion for welding has always outgrown my professional enthusiasm in legal field. That’s why I opted for a vocational training in SUNY Westchester Community College on welding technician and completed my course. I learnt welding techniques and fabrication processes practically from my gurus.

My Mission
1. Providing all stop solution to welding
2. Encouraging beginners to start welding
3. Making welding a fun for newbies
4. Encouraging newbies to come to the field

5. lucrative welding profession
Our Vision
1. We want to make our website content easy to read
2. Solve problems related to welding
3. Recommend best welding equipment’s for efficient welding
4. Want to make the website user friendly and want feedback from readers.

If you are looking for the solution of your welding issues, this website is exactly the right place to be. Using all our experience in welding, we have a vision to solve, in an easy and effective way, all the problems people might face in welding as a beginner.

Our mission is to make welding easy and excited to beginners. We strive to make welding machine, welder accessories like electrodes, gloves, helmets, clumps, boots, jackets, respirators, weld tables, plasma cutter, metal cutting saw buying experience better. We provide comprehensive detailed guide on ‘how to do that’ and also share skills and experiences doing real life projects. We started this site keeping beginners in mind who don’t know about welding and its ABC.

Reason I started The blog

I started to learn welding from my childhood. My father was a mechanic which helped me to come in close contact with different equipment’s and accessories from my early days. I used to go to my fathers workshop and play with his tools. My most favorite tool was his welder machine.

Those days finding information on welding was difficult. You needed to work as apprentice in work-shop or admit to college for learning welding. I was lucky in this case thanks to my father.

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But now a days with the help of information technology and search engines, learning became easy as information is available in web. But I have found that, there are a huge gap of information on welding in web especially for beginners there are close to no available source. That’s why I planned to start this blog (weldingintro.com) so that I can impart my knowledge to those who are interested in learning about welding. I designed this blog for beginners that why I tried to keep everything simple and tried to not use too much technical words that may confuse readers.

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