Market Best Aluminum Spool Gun (Chosen After Testing 20 Guns)

A spool gun plays a crucial role in successful welding. Apart from preventing messy welding, it also improves the feed-ability of the aluminum wire. Investing in a quality MIG gun is necessary to weld soft materials like aluminum. You can’t randomly buy a cheap spool gun.

When choosing the best aluminum spool gun, you must consider several vital aspects. The spool size, feed rate, durability, supported welding machine, wire size, etc., are essential points that you can’t overlook.

Let’s dive in details-

Comparison Table For Best Seller Aluminum Spool Guns

ImageNameSpecsCheck Price
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YESWELDER Spool GunWire Size: .035” & .045″
Cable Length: 10ft
Consists: feeding and nozzle
Motor Voltage:  24V
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Magnum PRO Spool Gun
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Magnum PRO 100SG Spool GunWire Size: .030” & .035”
Cable Length: 10ft
Weight: 3.5 lbs
Guidance: Semiautomatic
Cooling Method: Air-cooled
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Weldpro spool gun
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Weldpro 15′ Spool GunWire Size: . 0.30″
Cable Length: 13mm
Wire Feeder: 12V 
Feed Wheel: 0.9″
Gun Length: 3m

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Miller Spool Gun
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Miller 20′ Spool GunWire Size: . 0.30″-.035
Cable Length: 6.096 meter
Duty Cycle: 60%
Rotation: 180degree

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Lotos Spool Mig Gun
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Lotos 9′ Spool GunWire Size: . 0.30″-.035
Duty Cycle: 30%
Wire Feed Speed:3.2~42.7 ft
Input Voltage: 12v

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Tooliom 10′ Spool GunWire Size: 0.23″
Spool Size:0.78″
Input Voltage: 12v

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Why Use Spool Gun?

A spool gun is a specialized welding torch that is used to feed a small, spool-shaped wire electrode to the welding arc. This can be helpful in a variety of situations, such as when welding aluminum or other materials that are difficult to feed through a regular welding torch. Both professionals and DIYers use spool guns for welding softer materials like aluminum. This type of material is vulnerable to deforming issues.

A spool gun allows you only feed a few inches. This reduces messy issues. Additionally, this welding equipment gives you the flexibility to weld with minimal restriction.


  • There are several advantages to using a spool gun for welding. One of the main benefits of using spool gun is that the small size of the spool gun and its wire electrode allows for more precise control over the welding arc and the weld bead. This can help improve the quality of the weld and reduce the risk of mistakes or defects.
  • Another advantage of using a spool gun is that it can help reduce the risk of wire feeding problems, such as bird-nesting, which can be common when using a regular welding torch. The spool gun also allows for faster wire feeding, which can help increase the speed and efficiency of the welding process.

Overall, using a spool gun for welding can provide a number of benefits, including improved control, reduced risk of wire feeding problems, and faster welding speeds. This can make it a useful tool for a variety of welding applications.

Detailed Review Of Best Spool Gun For Aluminum

Best Aluminum Spool Gun
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1. Yes-Welder Spool Gun (Best Budget Gun)

Are you looking for a budget-friendly spool gun? This option might be your right pick. It is made from copper materials. The product is available in both 0.035″ and 0.045.”


  • Power:110A
  • Cable Length: 10ft
  • Drive Roll: Dual V-knurled
  • Plug Dimension: 1.81*.62 inch
  • Motor Voltage: 24v
  • Wire Size: .035″-.045″

Fixing the wiring is relatively easier. It will take only 5 minutes. You will not see any splicing issues. Plus, the wire can be quickly connected to the welder.

You don’t need to cut or solder anything. Since their cable is push-connectors, you just need to swap the wires. But for some welder machines, some wiring modifications might be necessary.

Is It Universal?

It is not a universal model. The unit is mainly suitable for some welder machines of YESWELDER, not all. You can check out the product label to learn about its compatibility.

Which Welder It Perfectly Fits

This spool is perfectly fits with Power Mig 210mp, Power Mig 140c, Power Mig 211i, SP 140t,SP 180t and YESWelder 250amp MIG welders.


  • Cost-effective
  • Two sizing options
  • Compatible with many sizes
  • Requires no cutting or soldering


  • The plug does not fit all welders

2. Lincoln Magnum PRO 100SG Spool Gun (Best Aluminum Spool Gun)

Do you regularly work with Lincoln Electric welder machines? This Magnum spool is a perfect choice. It comes with lightweight construction for hassle-free control.


  • Power: 130amp
  • Duty Cycle: 30%
  • Cable Length: 10ft
  • Cooling Method: Air-cooled
  • Wire Size: 0.030-0.035″

You don’t need to use any adapters to connect it to most Lincoln Electric welder machines. It is suitable for DIY projects and small repairs. But don’t expect it to perform like an industrial tool.

You can use the welding equipment for welding aluminum. But you may need to go through a few welding sessions to find the sweet spot. This will help you get a precise welding result.

Is It Universal?

It is not a universal product. But you can use the tool for various models of Lincoln Electric welder machines. Make sure to verify its compatibility before buying it.

Which Welder It Fits Perfectly

Usually, the welding equipment is perfect for different welders from the Lincoln brand. However, it also work with all Powermig welders, Pro Core 125 & Pro Mig 140, Weld Pak 125hd, Mig Pak 140hd, Easy Core 125 & Easy Mig 140, Sp 140T and SP 180T.


  • Simple to use
  • Compatible with many Lincoln welders
  • Easy to carry
  • Ideal for DIY projects and minor repairs


  • May burn a little if not cautious  

3. Weld-pro Spool Gun


  • Power: 200amp
  • Cable Length: 15ft
  • Contact nozzle: 0.9″
  • Wire Size: 0.030″
  • Gun Length: 3meter
  • Input Voltage: 12v

If you want to improve your welding performance significantly, this option appears to be the right pick. It is simple to use. Loading spools is hassle-free and takes less time.

The unit is compatible to use with a .030-inch aluminum wire. You can load 2 LB spools at a time, which is more than enough for exhausts. The total length of the gun is 3m.

Its 3m gun length is known as the safest torch length for welding aluminum. It can keep you in a defensive position while you are welding. This makes the unit more reliable.

Is It Universal?

This Weldpro spool gun is not a universal option. It is mainly suitable for some models of Weldpro welder machines. Plus, you can’t use it for Lincoln welding machines.

Which Welder It Fits Perfectly

The spool gun is specially designed for working with MIG200GDsv 200 amp MIG welder. But you can also use the new gun version of the MIG155GD welder.


  • Simple to attach and load spools
  • A perfect lengthy gun
  • Ideal for everyday use
  • Ensures optimal safety


  • The design could be better

4. Tooliom Pro Spool Gun


  • Power: 150A
  • Wire Feeder Speed: 4.5
  • Cable Size: 10ft
  • Nozzle Size: 2.1″
  • Wire Size: 0.23

If you care more about your productivity in cheap price, TOOLIOM appears the best choice. You can use different types of aluminum alloys and wire diameters to achieve a precise welding result.

The unit comes with lightweight construction and ergonomic grip for simple usage. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced welder, it fits your needs.

Setting up the unit is relatively easier. You don’t need to use any huge power module or outboard adapter.

Is It Universal?

This spool gun does not have a universal design. But you can use the MIG gun for several models of Tooliom Welder. Some other brands’ welders might be compatible if they meet the spec.

Which Welder It Fits Perfectly

It is compatible with Toooliom welders & Yeswelder. But, make sure to choose the product label properly if you want to use it for other models.


  • Improves welding productivity
  • Ergonomic grip to add comfort
  • 90 days of warranty


  • Hard to open wire feeder speed sometimes decreases

5. Lotos Spool Gun


  • Power: 130amp
  • Duty Cycle: 30%
  • Cable Length: 9ft
  • Wire Size: 0.09mm aluminum wire
  • Spool Size: 4
  • Input Voltage: 12v

Are you looking for a versatile spool gun that you can use for various welders from different brands? It appears a perfect pick. Its spool capacity is 1 lb. You need to load more frequently.

The unit is compatible to use with various welding machines. Just make sure to maintain a 130A welding current and 12v input voltage. This makes the unit more effective.

Furthermore, the unit comes with a 9 feet wire. This allows you to reach every corner of the space you want to weld. There will be minimal restrictions until you work too far. 

Is It Universal?

Though the spool is not fully universal, you can use it for various welders from different brands, such as LOTOS, Longevity, and Eastwood.

Which Welder It Fits Perfectly

This MIG gun is suitable for almost all MIG welders from LOTOS, Longevity, and Eastwood. But MIG175 welders are highly compatible with this unit.


  • Highly versatile
  • Not prone to deforming issues
  • 9 feet long wire
  • Simple design


  • A little bit heavier

6. Miller Spool Gun


  • Power: 150amp
  • Duty Cycle: 60%
  • Cable Length: 20 ft
  • Grip: Pistol
  • Wire Size: 0.030″-0.035″
  • Rotation: 180degree

This spool gun has quality workmanship. The unit comes with both .035 and .035 tips, giving you versatility. You can effortlessly get semi-automatic or automatic welding results.

The Miller gun can show a reliable performance for creating a perfect arc between the wire and your workpiece. It helps join two base materials together including aluminum alloy and other metal.

Furthermore, this spool gun comes with a 20-feet cable. You can use Nylon liner with the gun and the gun comes with air-cooled facility. You can rotate the gun 180 degree and can weld with 60% duty cycle at 150amp power.

Is It Universal?

This spool gun is not universal. The manufacturer specially made this unit for using with Millermatic and Miller welders.

Which Welder It Fits Perfectly

You can use this spool gun for several models of Millermatic, including 200, 210, 212, 250, 250X, 251, and 252.


  • Best performance
  • 20-inches wire for high flexibility
  • Two sizing options
  • No complicated installation


  • Very expensive

What You Consider (Buying Guide)

You need to consider following aspects before buying a spool gun.


You may find your workpiece far from your welder machine. In case of mig welding gun you must have faced the problem. The same applies to spool gun. If your work piece is far from your machine then you would need to reach that with welder.

That’s why spool gun cable length is important. The longer the cable the easier to reach the welding site. So, make sure your gun cable is long enough. In our case we have mentioned the spool guns from least 9ft to highest 20ft. You may choose Miller spool gun for heavy duty welding as it comes with 20ft long spool gun.

Wire Size

In Mig welding filler wire is an essential element. Welding different thickness of metal depends on the size of wire you are using. For example for welding thin metal you may use 0.23″ wire but to weld thick metal like 1/2″ steel or aluminum you must use more than 0.35″ wire to perfectly melt the metal and join them strongly.

So in case of spool gun selection, you must consider the wire size the spool gun can handle. Some spool gun handle only 0.23″ wire and some can run 0.30-0.35 and other sizes. The more variation of size the spool gun can handle the better.

Spool Size

Spool is the rounded store of wire that contains mig wire in it. The spool usually rests on the top of the spool gun. It hold the mig wire and run it through the gun nozzle to workpiece. Spool contains a lot of wire at once in it that enable the welder to weld continuously without worrying for relocation of wire. Some spool gun have as large as 4″ spool size and some comes with less than thet. The larger the spool size the better.

Feed Rate

A feeder is attached to spool gun. When you insert the wire into the spool it goes to the feeder and through the feeder it reaches to the nozzle where it melts the metal and joins the workpiece together. Beginner models offer 8-9 meters feed rate while pro levels can reach upto 13-14 meter. For heavy projects the higher the feed rate the better weld it will be. For quick melting 13-14meters feed rate is recommended.


Spool gun comes with some other mig accessories. For example a spool gun contains conductive nozzles, plug for connection to welder, wire feeder inside the gun, gas tips, mig welding filler wire, connecting rods and gun head. Gun head is usually made of brass coated with Teflon as brass melting point is highest 1083°C. Also spool gun comes with a long cable that connects the gun to welder box. Most of the spool gun comes with a beautiful box that protects it from external pressure.

Durability & Guarantee

And lastly, look up for guarantee & warrantee of the spool gun. Sometimes even good brands spool gun can be damaged or come in distorted. If the product offers guarantee & warrantee you may keep yourself risk free. Most of the products offer guarantee. Despite check the products manual and products description first.

Do Spool Guns Come With Welder Machine?

Spool guns are usually sold separately. Some brands may offer welder machines with spool guns if you buy them a package. But, they don’t sell a vast amount of welder machines.

Spool guns don’t last long if you continuously weld the entire day. That’s why most manufacturers sell them separately in bulk quantities.

Are Spool Guns Universal?

Spool guns don’t have any universal type. Their size will vary from one brand to another. In fact, a single brand may have different sizes of spool guns.

Before buying a spool gun, it is crucial to check the compatibility of the gun with your welding machine. Otherwise, it will be of no use.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What gas do I use for aluminum spool gun?

You can use either argon or helium for aluminum spool guns.

What is the thinnest aluminum you can weld with a spool gun?

0.023 is the thinnest aluminum you can weld with a spool gun.

Do you push or pull aluminum spool gun?

You need to push your aluminum spool gun to blow away the oxides and create a nice-looking weld.

Final Thought

A compatible and dedicated-quality spool gun can affect your welding performance significantly. Your welding arc will not be smooth and stable without a spool gun.

 More importantly, you need to maintain a short distance from the workpiece when using a spool gun. Hopefully, you already find the best aluminum spool gun from the above discussion.

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