The 8 Best 220V MIG Welder In 2023 – From High To Low Price Range

In my welding experience, many people often had asked me “can we used mig welder in 220v ?” The answer is straight forward, yes you can run a mig welder in 220v power. Now, which one to buy from the pool of welder companies?

To answer the question, I have researched for hours and tested many qualified welder models. And finally selected 8 mig welder models that fit the need of welders. I’ve considered budget & features of each models that can run in 220v power.

Let’s find out the list of products bellow-

ProductBest ForPrice
1. Lincoln K4876-1Best Overall$2065
2. Eastwood MIG WelderBest For Value$649
3. Weldpro 220v MIG WelderBest Mid-Range Welder$770
4. YESWELDER 220v MIGBest For Aluminum $499
5. PrimeWeld 220v Mig Welder Best Dual Voltage Welder$549
6. TOOLIOM 220v Mig Welder Best Budget Welder$237.83
7. Reboot 220v Mig Welder Best For Beginners$239.99
8. SIMDER MIG Welder Cheap Mig Welder$95
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1. Lincoln Electric K4876-1 POWER MIG Welder

Lincoln Electric K4876-1
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In the first place, I have no choice except choosing Lincoln electric’s K4876-1 mig welder. Lincoln is a renowned brand and its products are amazing. I have been using Lincoln welder for 3 years and have not found any problems in welding. It provides best quality weld consistently and the welder comes up with all the necessary tools you need for mig welding.

The welder in versatile in nature. It is all-rounder welder that means it can perform Mig, Tig, Flux core & stick welding all in one machine. And I think it is the best mig welder you can buy for best performance.

  • Weight: 48 lbs
  • Duty cycle: 30%
  • Max wire thickness: 0.045in.
  • Min wire thickness: 0.025in.
  • Input Voltage: 120v & 220-230v
  • Polarity: DC
  • Warranty: 3 Years

The welder comes up with a Magnum PRO 175L mig Gun, 10ft cable for gun, 120-230v cord adapter, a electrode holder, a gas regulator, a cable liner, two drive rolls (one for flux and another solid) and most importantly it brings a spool gun for welding aluminum. Since the company provides a 3 years warranty, I feel confident about the welder. Also reading the positive reviews from actual customers, you can decide whether to go for the welder or not. Seven rates has given it 5 star rating in amazon.

One rater named Jerry in Amazon says that, he has fallen in love with the welder. He rated the welder better than a miller welder and said the welder is best in laying vertical and overhead welding.

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The welder is great for a wide range of applications for example automotive repair, brewery, distillery, metal fabrication and repairing welding. It can weld metal with any thickness as it runs in dual voltage. With 120v input you can weld thin metals and with voltage more than 210v you can weld thicker metal. For aluminum mig welding, it comes up with a spool gun that facilitates a clean welding. I personally use it for bigger projects in my garage. For hobbyists and DIYer’s this welder can be a good choice also.

Currently it is priced $2065 in amazon. It is not cheap but for best performance you must go for a premium product. If you are out of budget go for the other products mentioned bellow.

2. Eastwood 180 Amp MIG Welder

I have ranked Eastwood 180 amp mig welder at 2nd position. There are a bunch of reasons for that. If you use the welder you would understand why I have so much love for this welder. The welder is best for welding aluminum and stainless steel. We welders, most of the time weld aluminum, stainless steel and Carbone steel. This welder can weld all of them easily and perfectly.

Eastwood 180 Amp MIG Welder
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Eastwood is a great company that provides a 3 years of warranty for the welder. And it comes up with a bunch of welding tools. It contains a spool gun with 9.5′ cable, 0.03″ mig wire spool, a 4043 aluminum wire spool, a gas regulator, a ground clamp, a mig torch with nozzle, 0.03″ contact tip, a face shield and a welding brush.

  • Function: Mig & Flux Core
  • Weight: 49 lbs
  • Material Thickness: Mild & Stainless steel upto 5/16″ & Aluminum upto 1/2″
  • Duty cycle: 30% & 60%
  • Weldable material: Stainless steel, aluminum, mild steel
  • Input Voltage: 120 and 220v
  • Warranty: 3Years

It operates in dual voltage 120v and 240v. You can also run that in 220v easily. You can weld 5/16″ mid and stainless steel with 120v input using the welder. And for welding 14 gauge to 1/4″ aluminum, use the spool gun with 120v input. For welding thicker metal you must use 220v input voltage. You can easily change the input voltage by clicking the switch on the welder interface.

The welder can weld with 30% duty cycle at 180amps current flow. And it can also weld with 60% duty cycle at 130amps. So it provides you with a flexibility in case of duty cycle that prevents the welder from being hot. Also for longer weld, it provides you to switch between 2T and 4T mode.

You can use the welder as flux cored too, if you don’t have gas. Just need to change the wire spool from solid to flux cored. The welder is only 49 lbs in weight which makes it a light-weight, easily carriable welder in the market.

From 1978 Eastwood is making welder machines and providing after sale support continuously with success. You will get a 3 years after sale warranty with 90 day return policy. So you can buy the welder without any risk.

I have used the product for welding 1/2″ aluminum and got a great result. I used 220v input power and 0.035″ spool gun to get the job done. I was surprised with the result. You must try the welder if you are very much obsessed with welding aluminum and stainless steel. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed buying the welder.

It is pricing $650 in amazon now. The price is not that much in comparison to its service. You can read the ratings the customers have given in amazon. One rater named Robert has said that, he has welded 1/4″ aluminum with the welder using the spool gun. And it is better than any tig or stick welder in case of welding aluminum he said also the speed of the welder is outstanding. He is selling his tig machine now after having this master piece.

rating for Eastwood mig welder
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Sixty Seven customers have given 4.6 stars in average for the machine. That’s why I also recommend the welder for better performance and best quality weld.

3. Weldpro 220v MIG Welder

weldpro 220v mig welder
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Weldpro welder is in 3rd position in my ranking. I loved the machine for its multi-purpose welding facility. If you are looking for a multi-purpose welder machine then I would suggest this one as an option.

You can weld in MIG, Stick, or TIG techniques with Weldpro welder machine. This 200 Amp welder allows you to achieve 40-120A of power during welding.

  • Weight: 30lbs
  • Duty Cycle:30% @220v & 100% @ 110A
  • Voltage: 220v
  • Max Thickness: 19ga-0.197 inch (Tig), 25ga-1/4 inch (stick) & 14ga-0.315 inch (mig)
  • Process: Mig, tig 7 Stick
  • Warranty: 2-3 Years

It comes with a 30% duty cycle facility. So, you can operate the machine for 3 minutes continuously with 10 minutes intervals.

The Weldpro 200 Amp Welder has a large digital display to read and set up the wire speed and amperage easily. Plus, it is equipped with a VRD high temp and overload protection.

weldpro construction
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Your device will remain safe when not using the machine. The open-circuit voltage of the welder will be in control. It also can prevent unwanted electric shocks.

It comes up with a ERGOPLUS15 mig torch with 10ft cable, a Tig torch with 13ft cable, an electrode holder with 10ft cable, a T-shaped earth clamp, a gas hose, power adapter and two contact tips.

A customer named Jason said that, he has made a steel frame of dimension 2x2x1/4″ with the welder and got huge success. The company has also helped him in figuring out some queries he had after he bought the machine, which is great.

rating for weldpro mig welder
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At least six hundred ninety three customer have given positive review for the welder. From the review you can be sure of the quality of the welder machine.

I recommend the product if you want 220v input welder with 3 in 1 facility. I guarantee that you won’t regret buying this machine.

4. YESWELDER 220v MIG Welder

YESWELDER 220v MIG aluminum welder
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My next choice is Yeswelder Mig-250 pro aluminum welder. This beginner-friendly welding machine can be your ultimate option when comes to 220v mig welder. It comes with IGBT inverter technology to facilitate voltage regulation.

For risk-free working on a high voltage and high current systems, this one is recommended. It can handle around 30-205Amp of power. You can adjust the average and the thickness level easily.

  • Weight: 33.7lbs
  • Duty Cycle: 60-100%
  • Process: Mig, Arc, Lift Tig
  • Voltage: 220vac 50/60hz
  • Max Output: 30-250A (Mig), 20-225A (MMA) & 10-250A (Tig)
  • Control: Dynamic

The unit is equipped with Synergic Control. Hence, you can achieve a precise and consistent performance with its variant of pulsed MIG welding. Its reliable construction allows you to use 2 lb and 10 lb rolls of wire easily. You can weld up to  .030″ thick materials for MIG welding. It has a 2T/4Tdesign for simple on and off.

It contains a graphene tube, a 10′ earth clamp, a 10′ electrode holder, a 0.030″ roller drive, a V-type 0.023″ roller drive, a 10′ mig gun & a gas hose.

The only problem I found with the machine is, the fan inside it is slightly noisy. Otherwise the welder is fantastic.

One customer Justin has raised the machine saying that, he had faced no problem welding 1/4″ & 1/8″ steel. He has used his manual settings for welding with the machine and got a great result. You may also change the settings if you have knowledge over that. You can read the manual that comes up with the machine to figure out the perfect settings for any application.

rating for yeswelder
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Almost 2084 customers have given 4.5 star on average for the machine. Though there are few bad reviews but they are not for the machine fault. The bad reviews are for not getting the machine well packed and for missing of some accessories with the package.

If you want better performance with better control, you will not regret buying it. You can run the welder in 110v and 220v input which provide a great flexibility. I recommend the product if you are beginner and want risk-free welding experience.

5. PrimeWeld 220v Mig Welder

PrimeWeld 220v Welder
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If you are searching for a versatile and complete package deal to begin your welding journey, then I would recommend my 5th choice Prime weld Mig welder. This machine can be a perfect addition to your welder collection.

It can effortlessly handle up to 180 amps. The unit comes with a 2T/4T trigger lock with longer welding. It offers a 30% duty cycle. And the wire speed ranges from 79-551(in/min). This makes it more productive and effective.

The unit features a Euro-style central connector for quick setup. It also has a built-in Shielding Gas solenoid to safeguard the molten weld pool and prevent atmospheric contamination.

Besides, you can easily read the functions from the digital power display. Shifting between different welding methods requires you only press the touch button.

  • Weight: 30lbs
  • Duty Cycle: 30% @180amp, 60% @ 120amp & 100% @ 100amps
  • Wire Speed: 79-551inch/min
  • Wire diameter: Mig (0.023-0.040) & FCAW (0.030-0.040)
  • Voltage: 120/220v
  • 2T/4T trigger lock
  • Breaker: 30amp

The welder has one problem and that it is not beginner friendly. At least you need to have basics on welding.

The welder comes up with a 10ft mig torch, a gas hose, power adapter, a regulator, a 12 ft ground clamp, a 12ft electrode holder, a spool gun with 12ft cable, two mig wire of 0.030″ spool, a V-groove drive roll, a knurled-grooved drive roll and two contact tips.

Abraham, a amazon customer says that, the product is well packaged and run in 220v power well. He had welded 1/4″, 1/8″, 3/8 and 3/16″ mild steel with the welder easily. He has recommended the product for welding any thickness of metal.

Like him 67 reviewers have given 4.6 stars on average for the welder. I agree with the customers and recommend the product as I have faced the same result with the welder.

If you prefer to use a weld machine with easy setting features, this option will not make you upset. It has excellent spray arc weld and stick welding capabilities. For features and high end weld result, I recommend you give a try to this one. You will fall in love with welder if you know the basics of mig welding.

6. TOOLIOM 220v Mig Welder

TOOLIOM 220v Mig Welder
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TOOLIOM is a multi-functional machine that you can use for MMA, Lift TIG, flux MIG, and gas MIG welding. And the welder is my choice for 6th post.

  • Weight:20.36lbs
  • Function: Mig, Flux Core, Tig & MMA
  • Voltage: 110v/220v
  • Duty Cycle: 60%
  • Input Power: 200A

I have been using the machine for more that 4 years and found it very useful in mig and flux core welding. You can get a maximum of 200A output current from this machine with 220v input. Its input current and voltage are 32.5A/23.2A and 110v/220v. The unit can automatically choose the voltage, amperage, and feeding speed with its synergic control system.

This MIG welder has a “One button” selection design. You can effortlessly shift between different welding methods. For lightweight and spot welding, you can use its 2T function. And for heavy-duty welding shift to 4T mode.

Its design is simple and the machine is light-weight. You can carry it anywhere since it has a modern aluminum handle grip.

tooliom product guide
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One of the most important feature that I like about the machine is its automatic thermal overload protection. When the machine gets hot it automatically switched off while cooling fan is running continuously. After it gets cool, the machine automatically switched on and starts welding. Very important feature for welders like me, who dives deep into the welding that doesn’t pay attention to whether the welder is getting hot.

It runs at duty cycle of 60% @ 110v & 220v input power. That means if you work for 10 minutes, it will continuously run for 6 minutes and cools for 4 minutes. Also I liked that the machine comes up with a bunch of accessories containing an adapter cord, a gas hose, a 10′ ground clamp, a mig gun with 10′ cable, an electrode holder with 10′ cable, a wire brush and a knurled groove flux cored wire spool.

At least 2227 people have reviewed the welder in amazon and given 4.5 star in average out of 5, which is great. A customer named Hoffman says the welder is best in value at the price. The only problem he faced with the flux cored wire gear box. The gear box was getting jammed while welding. If you also face the same problem contact the customer care or buy a gear box online and replace that. I hope the problem would be solved.

rating for TOOLIOM
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This machine may exceed your expectations if you prefer smooth welding performance at a budget-friendly price. It is an excellent value for the money you spend. I recommend the product as I have found it very comfortable to use & its performance is supper.

7. Reboot 220v Mig Welder

Buy Reboot Mig Welder
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Reboot welder is a beginner friendly welder. I have ranked it in 7th position because it is not recommended for professional welding. If you are looking for professional welding, then look for the welders mentioned and reviewed above. But if you are beginner and looking for some diy small projects, then I would suggest Reboot welder.

This option appears the best since it has a 100% duty cycle. You can run it for up to 10 minutes continuously. But you shouldn’t do that. Run for 6-7 minuets and leave it to cool down for 3-4 minuets. This is my suggestion for using the welder for long time.

  • Weight: 23.6lbs
  • Function: MMA, Mig, Tig, Flux Cored
  • Voltage: 110/220v
  • Duty Cycle: 100%
  • Input: 150A
  • Warranty: 1 Year

You can use this machine for different tasks, such as metal fabrication, repair, maintenance, etc. It also has a stable wire feeding rate to ensure a higher joint strength. As the welder offers duel voltage, you may weld thinner and thicker metal with the welder.

Besides, the unit is equipped with PWM technology to precisely control the execution circuit. Handling heavy-duty materials will not be a concerning point at all.

The manufacturer designed the unit precisely to ensure minimal spatter issues. Hence, you can get a smooth spray transfer without compromising the welding quality. Plus, this unit works as an IGBT power module to facilitate voltage regulation and switching into devices rapidly without any issues. You can use it for medium to high-power applications.

reboot welder in work space
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Moreover, the unit has a single-turn contact tip that you can quickly change. You don’t have to worry about burn backs issues. It also prevents an unwanted erratic arc.

About 260 people have reviewed the product in Amazon and given 4.3 star out of 5 on average. A customer named Pixler said the product is good for learning. I agree with the comment As the welder offers 5 in 1 welding method. You should get one for learning and mastering the welding technique.

rating for reboot
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This Reboot welder can be a versatile personal welding equipment, especially for beginners. You will not be wrong to expect a decent performance from this high-quality welding machine. It also comes in a decent price only $239. So check it out if you like spatter free welding with synergy.

8. SIMDER MIG Welder

Simder mig welder
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This SIMDER welder is perfect for outdoor use due to its compact and lightweight construction.

You will get a better welding experience in MIG and ARC modes. You can effortlessly weld iron, carbon, steel, and other similar metals with this equipment.

  • Weight: 13.7lbs
  • Duty Cycle: 35%
  • Process: Mig, Flux & Stick
  • Input: 18.3A
  • Efficiency: 85%
  • Voltage: 110/220v

You can utilize this machine for various household jobs and DIY projects. It is compatible with various rods such as E6011, E6013, E7018, etc. Its Flux Core weld mode can handle up to .030″ metals effortlessly. Plus, it offers a 35% duty cycle, saving your cost too.

Setting up the wire feed unit is incredibly simple due to its large wiring space inside the MIG welder. It has a 30-120A rating for output current. You can weld stainless steel and aluminum with the welder.

Since it is a dual-voltage MIG welder, welding stainless steel, iron, carbon steel, and other similar items will be easygoing. The equipment can effortlessly handle 1/2″ material.

simder construction
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The average power efficiency of this welder is 85%, which makes the unit more realistic for items requiring higher heat. After all, it has an increased level of uptime.

If you want to learn mig and stick welding, and you have very limited budget then you should go for the product. Don’t use the welder for heavy-duty works. Even to weld thicker metal don’t go the welder. This welder is mentioned here only for those who are new in welding field and have very limited money to invest in a machine. It is very cheap and I think the cheapest welder in the market costing only $95. So if you have lower budget and want a decent mig welder with 220v input, try SIMDER.

What to Look For In a 220v MIG Welder (Guide)

When choosing a 220v MIG welder, you want to consider several weld parameters.

Voltage & Amperage Settings

A 220v MIG welder produces more heat. Usually, you need more voltages and amperage for commercial projects but less for household projects. So with 220v input you will be able to do professional job as well as home small projects which provides diverse usability. Most of the welder I have reviewed are dual voltage welder. So you can use them for small as well as heavy duty projects.

Input & Output Power

A MIG welder with higher input power gives more flexibility to weld thicker materials. 220v sources are enough for more thicker materials and 110V for thin items. ower cord should be 20-30amp for the welder to plug in to the outlet.

Duty Cycle

It will be cost-effective if you can operate your MIG welder for a longer time. A higher duty cycle comes in handy for professional usage. You should go for duty cycle 30-40% at 200a current flow.

Spool Gun & Wire Feed Speed

A spool gun can provide better stability in welding aluminum. If you need deeper penetration, a higher wire feed speed is necessary. And to provide that speed, spool mig gun is a crucial element. You just need to power up the spool gun with the welder and start welding. It will fuse the aluminum perfectly than a mig gun.

Gas Selections

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is a budget-friendly shielding gas that you can use in its pure form. But you can use argon gas for welding aluminum and mixed gas for stainless steel. Gas of argon and co2 mix can also be used for welding sheet metals.

Safety and Maintenance

Make sure to wear protective gear like helmet, PPE, glasses, gloves and boots to keep you safe. Also, use all necessary equipment and tools to avoid unwanted accidents. Regular equipment maintenance is vital to reduce the chance of accident .

Material Thickness

You can weld up to 1/2″ material with a 220V MIG welder. But it must be powered up with around 200 amps current flow. Usually, a higher current is required for welding a joint with decent penetration.

Ventilation Exhaust & Cooling System

An exhaust fan is critical for removing fumes, dust, gases, and vapors from the welding area. Especially in case of welding galvanized steel, there can be higher degree of fumes floating the weld area. To get rid of the fumes try choosing a fan of 2,000 cfm speed and drive the fumes out of the space.


The price of a MIG welder is a crucial factor to consider. Since it is a long-term investment, it is better to invest in a quality welder for better performance. If you buy a cheap one for saving money, you are compromising with quality. The quality would be bad and also within few years the welder would get damaged.

Also cheap welders drain the electricity because of its low quality power supply. So don’t compromise with quality for a few bucks.

Equipment Preparation

Before welding your preferred item, taking some preparation is necessary to improve your welding performance and get the best result.

Metal Preparation

If your metal has any slag, scale, or impurities, use a wire brush to get rid of them or you may use sandpaper to rub off the impurities. An angle grinder comes in handy if you want to smoothen rough edges.

Wire Selection

You can use S-6 mig wire or S-3 continuous solid wires filler metal to weld any metal. But when you want to weld copper metal, you should use Mild steel solid wires.

Push or Pull?

If you need broader or flatter bead and reduced penetration, the pushing weld technique is recommended. Pulling is better for achieving deeper penetration with narrower beads.


Choosing a compatible and high-quality MIG welding torch is necessary. This will reduce downtime, avoid inferior weld quality and early torch failure.

Travel Angle and Work Angle

Ensure the travel angle doesn’t exceed 20 to 25 degrees to avoid excessive spatter. But the working angle will vary depending on the types of welding you are working on.

Voltage and Amperage

The ideal voltage and amperage will vary based on the metal thickness, inert or semi-inert gases, wire feed speed, angle, and weld Joint Types.

Benefits and Function of 220v MIG Welder

A 220V MIG welder produces more heat to weld thicker materials. Your welding performance will be better due to higher concentration which in turn lead to better penetration.

It offers a longer duty cycle, allowing you to weld for an extended time at once. You can reach up to 29,700 watts with a maximum rating of 135 amps. The tool can handle tough jobs.

Welding sheet metal with 220V MIG welders is possible. They can work on a maximum of 1/4 inch materials. For higher voltage, using less than 1/4″ metal would result in burn through problem. You will need to use mig wire suitable for sheet to weld thinner metal.

Are Dual-Voltage Welders Any Good?

Dual-voltage welders are highly versatile since they can do the job of 110v and 220v welders. This will save you money. They are highly versatile, powerful, and portable. Dual voltage welders help to weld thinner at the same time thicker metal. You just need to change the current flow functionality to shift from 110v to 220v power.

Can You Plug A 220v Welder Into A Dryer Outlet?

The maximum output of a 220V welder is 40 amps. But a single-phase dryer outlet can endure up to 30 amps. You can run a welder into a drying outlet if you don’t try the maximum output.

If you want to use more than 30 amps, it is better to use two 120V welders. You can effortlessly achieve up to 40 to 60 Amps. Buying two 220V welders is not necessary.

However, if you want to use the welder for residential purposes, a 220 welder is enough. You will need between 7.5 amps and 30 amps for household usage.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How thick can a 200 amp MIG welder weld?

A 200 amp MIG welder is perfect for welding 5/16″ steel. 1 amp of output power is necessary for every .001 inch of material thickness.

How many watts does a 220 welder use?

A 220 welder uses around 8300 watts. But an additional 30 percent is necessary as a good safety measure.

Can I use a step-down transformer to power a 220v welder on a 110v circuit?

It is not practical to use due to heating issues. Instead, you will need a step-up transformer. However, installing a fairly current 120V or 240V circuit can solve the problem.

Can you use MIG wire on a welder for flux core wire?

Using MIG wire on a welder set up for flux core wire will not be a problem if you have the conversion kit. A compatible torch is handy to preheat the joint and inert gas to prevent faster oxidation.

How many amps do you need for a 220V welder?

The minimum amperage required for a 220V welder is 30 – 40 amps, but 90-100 amps are more standard and widely used among welders.

Note: You can weld up to ½” thick material with a quality 220V MIG welder. On the other hand 110v mig welders can weld less than 1/2inch thick metals. Also, duty cycle around 10% to 15% is needed to weld thick metals.

Last Words

You can get a lot of power from a 220v MIG welder. However, using it is impractical if your house does not have a 220v power outlet. A dual-voltage machine fits the best.

But if you don’t mind preparing all the setup that meets the requirement of using a 220v MIG welder, you can use it. Hopefully, you have already chosen the best 220V MIG welder.

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