How To Change Wire In Mig Welder (7 Easy Steps)

It might seem easy to install or put a mig welding wire into the MIG welder, but it can create trouble if not done with care.

To put a wire in a MIG welder, all you have to do is hang the spool on the shaft of the machine and lock it at that place.

After doing so, you need to insert the wire into the Welder and lock it there. Keep pressing the button on the gun until you see the wire at the gun tip.

However, let’s discuss how you can put a wire in the MIG welder.

How To Change Mig Wire
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When Should I Change Mig Wire?

The big wire comes on a spool that holds a good amount of wire you can use for welding purposes.

This wire is used through the gun to complete welding projects. However, you can always see the Mig wire rounded up on a spool, and it’s in enough quantity.

So, if you use a Mig Welder daily for different welding objects, the wire will end sooner. In that case, you will have to replace it with a new wire as soon as the old one gets used.

But if you do not use that welding machine daily, the big wire on the spool will run for an extended period. The answer is simple, replace the empty spool with a new spool when it ends!

How to Change or Put Wire In Mig Welder?

Changing a wire in a Mig welder is simple if you do it often. But if you are a newbie, please consider following the same method explained below.

  • Step-1: First, remove the old remaining wire and empty the welder gun with the help of a plier or ranch. Take out the contact tip and the bolt that fasten the tip to the gun. Then Pull out the wire that is inside the gun. See the image-
taking out the old wire
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  • Step-2: Take a new MIG wire spool and lock it on the shaft you can see on the front side of the welding machine like bellow.
placing new mig wire
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  • Step-3: Once the spool is there, dismount it and find the tip of the wire.
  • Step-4: After finding it, be careful; unlock or open the Welder and insert the wire. Ensure that you have locked the Welder after inserting the wire in it.
  • Step-5: Now, you’ll need to turn the input power of the Welder on and go to the tip of the gun.
  • Step-6: Here, remove the nozzle and contact tip from the gun. Ensure to give maximum speed to the wire by turning it on from the front of your machine.
  • Step-7: Up, you can see the wire has reached out of the gun. It will be done when you keep clicking the trigger until you can see the wire from the gun. Put back the tip and nozzle. Cut the extra wire, and it will be ready to use.

What To Consider While Putting Mig Wire (Cautions And Recommendations)

Please consider specific recommendations when entering a new wire into the Mig Welder or replacing the old one.

  • Make sure to loosen the tension control on the spool tension until it barely starts to unwind
  • Now, slightly tighten the Spool tension until the spool stops spinning

Caution: Be careful not to leave more than a one-half revolution of wire. Because excessive will cause feed problems. Also, pull the trigger for almost one or two seconds while seeing the wire between the spool and the first inlet guide.

  • On top of that, please note down the position or tension between the sag when the wire stops feeding. Having a slight sag means a proper amount of tension.
  • Besides, remember to use minor adjustments when adjusting the tension control.
  • To set the drive roll tension, you will have to loosen the drive roll tension until the drive roll spins, but the wire doesn’t seem to be tightened.

Safety Issues While Doing That

Nothing could be more problematic about safety except keeping your hands safe while feeding the Welder with wire. Also, don’t let the spool and wire feeder to have too much tension between both. Be more careful while trimming the extra wire and using the exact trimers.

Do Changing Mig Wire Differs With Different Brands Welding Machine

Yes, changing the Mig Wire will differ with different brands of welding machines.

It would be a unique shaft placement, an easy or more complicated way of feeding the machine with wire, and some other changes.

So, always study the machine before installing or replacing the MIG wire.


Mig wire are fed in welding process. And that’s why you need to change the wire regularly. Changing wire in mig is not that difficult as mentioned above. We hope you can now change the wire of your own.

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