Can You Use MIG Wire In A Flux Core Welder?

Do you have a flux core welder at home? Are you thinking of using a MIG wire in your Flux core welder?

It’s a common idea to cross your mind. So, if you are wondering about using mig wire in flux core welder you should know that yes, you can use that. You can use with mig wire with flux cored welder.

Want to know how and what things to keep in mind?

I have got all the things you need to know about this.

So, let’s get on it.

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can i use mig wire in a flux core welder
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Difference Between MIG Wire And Flux Core Wire

Usually, the main difference between the MIG and Flux core wires is their structure. MIG wires are solid wires that you can use for welding purposes. It will use the wire directly and complete the welding process.

On the other hand, flux core wires are far from solid wires. Instead, they have a tubular form. There is flux inside the tube, and that’s where the name of the wire comes from. Because of this flux, the wire applies utterly differently from the MIG wires.

Will MIG Wire Work In A Flux Core Welder?

To understand this, you will need to understand the basics of both methods. MIG wire usually uses a solid wire for welding either with welder without shielded gas or with gas. A shielded gas weld setup in the MIG welding process keeps the wire from any oxidation. Without using shielded gas, you will come across welding problems while using the MIG wire.

A flux core welder doesn’t come with features to create that shielded gas environment. So, you have to think twice before using the MIG wire. So, the answer is, yes, you can use MIG wire or any solid wire in that regard with a flux core welder. However, there is a catch here.

You will need to have a flux core welder that comes with the feature of changing polarity. Because when you are trying to use solid wire like MIG wire on your flux core welder, you will need to work on the polarity.

Also, you may look for a conversion kit that can convert the functionality of the flux core welder to something like a MIG or a TIG welder. This will ensure that it works with the gas feature you typically get on those welders. But it’s not necessary to get a conversion kit. 

You can still use MIG wire on a flux core welder even if it doesn’t have any gas protection.

How To Use MIG Wire In Flux Core Welder?

Now, let’s get ahead and look at how you can use a MIG wire in your flux core welder for welding purposes.

Suppose you are using a welder that comes with polarity changing settings. In that case, you can change the polarity based on the wire you are using. Even with the flux core settings, you shouldn’t have any problem.

First of all, load up the spool of MIG wire on the welder. Then, make sure to check up on the polarity of the wire and see whether it’s in the correct settings or not. Once that’s ensured, you can use the conversion kit or your welder to see if there is a way to create a shielded gas or not.

Some welders come with inert gas features, and if you have that kind, the welding becomes much cleaner and easier to do. However, get ready to go through the trouble if you don’t have a welder with such features.

Because when you opt for MIG wire with flux core welder, you can get welding results. There is no issue with that. But you also end up with many splatters, and the whole welding process becomes significantly tricky.

So, you have to be prepared for that to happen.

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Using Mig Wire in Flux Core Welder

Now, the question is, why would you even want to use MIG wire in your flux core welder? To answer that, you will need to get through the advantages and disadvantages of using MIG wire over flux core wires-

Advantages of MIG Wire

  • The per-unit cost for MIG wire is significantly lower than flux core wire
  • They are great for welding on thin metal
  • Provides some clean and professional-looking aluminum welds
  • They are readily available
  • The wires don’t tangle while coming off the spool

Disadvantages of MIG Wire

  • The welding process becomes much more complex and time-consuming
  • It can get costly if you are adding any gas or conversion kit
  • Welding takes a lot of time when you use MIG wire is a flux core welder

These are the basic pros and cons of using MIG wire in your flux core welder. While there are some benefits, I would still say the drawbacks can outweigh them.

Can You Use Regular Wire In A Flux Core Welder?

Yes, you can use regular wire in a flux core welder. However, the welding results you get from such wires aren’t satisfying. The results will leave you unsatisfied for sure.

The flux cord welder uses flux core wires that usually come with in-built gas protection that makes the welding process complete. However, when you use a regular wire, it doesn’t work the same way as it is supposed to work with flux-core wire.

Because of this reason, the whole welding process becomes a mess with a lot of flaws in it. Still, you can go ahead and give it a try. It can get the job done. But, for the most part, don’t expect great results.  

Last Words

Wrapping it up, I can say that you can use a MIG wire for welding using your Flux core welder. Should you do it? I would say no unless it’s the only option left for you. Here’s why.

When you weld with MIG wire using your flux core welder, you have to take extra steps to make it work. And even when you get to use the wire for welding, you will end up with a challenging process. The whole thing gets messed up, and the welding doesn’t go as smoothly as you would hope.

So, I recommend doing this as a last resort, not a primary option.

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